A Matchmaking Tool for your Technology Needs

Tech 4 Discovery

Dig deep into the core of the technology and discover all the knowledge behind it.

Flying cars

Tech 4 Problem

Find a specific technology that could solve a target problem.

Blockchain 4 food tracking

Tech 4 Solutions

Identify innovative solutions to apply to your needs.

Protection system 4 enhance immunity

Search Engine
The Search Engine allows you to search based on:
  • a keyword;
  • a reference text and;
  • a percentage of similarity.
In this way, you can find results more close to your topic avoiding misunderstandings of the search algorithm.
Search Type
There are several types of searches selectable. Each selection activates different types of algorithms, optimizing the final results.
Currently, only two types are available:
  • documents;
  • websites.
Search Categories
There are also several types of categories you can focus on divided by 4 main macro-categories:
  • Technology;
  • Business;
  • Media;
  • Financial.
Each category activates a specific search algorithm able to optimize the final results.

Technology Scouting

Discover the world of innovations with our advanced search tool able to find the technologies you need based on your own description.

Quality Results

Trust the results we provide you, they are the best you could find. Only high-quality results filtered and rated for you to guarantee maximum satisfaction.

Organized Data

Find what you need in a simple way. All the data are well organized in categories and showed you in an intuitive way.

Search List
All the different searches are saved in the search queue. In this way, it is possible to launch hundreds of different searches (bulk mode) and coming back later to see them.
All the searches are saved and preserved until you decide to delete them.
All the results are divided by macro-categories (TECHNOLOGY, MEDIA, FINANCIAL) and in specific subcategories dependent by the type of data searched. The data could be represented using TABLES, LISTS, CONCEPTUAL MAPS, MENTAL MAPS, GRAPHS or other advanced tools to facilitate the consultation.

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