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Column Climber™ is an easy to-utilize gadget that permits a labourer to securely and easily move up, move down and work directly from a steel segment at the association point. Column Climber™ is named both an entrance gadget, used to rise and slip and for initial connections; and furthermore as a work stage. Section Climber's high-quality 514 combination steel foot outline (structure designed to help more than 700 pounds for every foot) bolsters the whole length of your foot dispensing with any leg or foot weariness during normal or broadened use.


A ferrofluid or ferromagnetic liquid is a fluid that turns out to be strongly magnetised within sight of an attractive field. Ferrofluids are colloidal fluids made of nanoscale ferromagnetic, or ferrimagnetic, particles suspended in a bearer liquid (usually a natural dissolvable or water). Each minuscule molecule is wholly covered with a surfactant to restrain amassing. Large ferromagnetic particles can be torn out of the homogeneous colloidal blend, shaping a different cluster of attractive residue when presented to solid attractive fields.


Flash Graphene Is a new process introduced by the Rice University lab of chemist James Tour can turn bulk quantities of just about any carbon source into valuable graphene flakes. The process is quick and cheap; Tour said the “flash graphene” technique can convert a ton of coal, waste food or plastic into graphene for a fraction of the cost used by other bulk graphene-producing methods.


iFalcon™ Face Control Mobile a world’s first fully autonomous AI-powered face recognition system integrated with a wearable device – AR smart glasses. It is designed for law enforcement officers and security guards on patrol. The bodycam or smart glasses screen the crowd to match faces against a database of violators, missing people or suspects. Once there is a match, the solution retrieves relevant information from the database and instantly sends an alert via AR smart glasses. It proves particularly effective in: - Detects people at public events, sports facilities and in other crowded areas: violators, ‘watchlisted’ individuals and missing people; - Public surveillance in transportation stations, airports, subway and other transport facilities; - Monitoring immigrants and identification of violators and imposters at border customs control; - Verification of identity according to ‘white list’; - Preventing terrorism, espionage and unauthorized access to sensitive areas.


Kit Lens
A kit lens is a "starter" lens which can be sold with an interchangeable-lens camera such as a single-lens reflex camera.

Link:Kit Lens

The Nova-C lunar lander will be launched in 2021 in the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The mission will help to bring important cargo to NASA as It conducts its Artemis mission. Using private companies in the mission will help NASA to reduce its operational costs.


Plaster Finishing Machine
Easily smooth plaster with the assistance of this machine

Link:Plaster finishing machine

A type of social network service that is focused solely on interactions and relationships between professionals

Link:Professional networking

Allow meeting a large number of new people in 1 on 1 meeting in a short period of time.

Link:Speed dating

A meeting format designed to accelerate business contacts.

Link:Speed Networking

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