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A technology used to improve the performance of optical systems by reducing the effect of wavefront distortions: it aims at correcting the deformations of an incoming wavefront by deforming a mirror in order to compensate for the distortion

Link:Adaptive Optics

Aurai is the World's 1st Cool/Warm Water-propelled Eye Massager.


Automated robotics used in Warehouses to store and retrieve goods and products

Link:Automated storage and retrieval systems

Smart digital tape measure.


An adjustable-size wrench with a plierslike grip.

Link:Bionic Wrench

A dispensing system to fill cups from the bottom, avoiding wasting.

Link:Bottoms Up Beer

A versatile commonplace material that can be used to build any type of product.


A procedure that attempts to correct an uneven concrete surface by altering the foundation that the surface sits upon

Link:Concrete Leveling

An ink that conducts electricity.

Link:Conductive Ink

Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument
The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) is a scientific research instrument for conducting a spectrographic astronomical surveys of distant galaxies.

Link:Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument

Deep Space Atomic Clock
The Deep Space Atomic Clock (DSAC) is a miniaturized, ultra-precise mercury-ion atomic clock for precise radio navigation in deep space.

Link:Deep Space Atomic Clock

Eco-Friendly Pavement5
Eco-Friendly Pavement will help reduce run-off and erosion in the eco-sensitive Yellowstone Geyser Basin

Link:Eco-Friendly Pavement

The Elysium chair generates a feeling of weightlessness for the occupant of the chair. To accomplish the goal, this chair utilises a carbon-fibre skeleton and electronic joints and bearings.

Link:Elysium chair

Factory of the future1
Increase productivity through convergences between IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology).

Link:Factory of the future

Get fresh water out of thin air. Collect water from fog using large pieces of vertical canvas to make the fog-droplets flow down towards a trough below the canvas, known as a fog fence

Link:Fog harvesting

A heavy forestry vehicle employed in cut-to-length logging operations for felling, delimbing and bucking trees

Link:Forestry Harvester

GPS Block III1
GPS Block III consists of the first ten GPS III satellites, which will be used to keep the Navstar Global Positioning System operational.

Link:GPS Block III

A new Beehive that allows extracting honey without disturbing the bees

Link:Honey on Tap

Repels water-based and oil-based liquids making them rolling off without touching the underlying surface.

Link:Hydrophobic Coating

Laser Dust Removal1
Removes contaminants or impurities (dust, carbon, tungsten,...) on the surface of a material by physically removing the upper layer of the substrate using laser irradiation

Link:Laser Dust Removal

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