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Create a living green environment combining aquatic animals with the cultivation of plants in water.

Link:Aquaponics Aquarium

Bagless vacuum cleaners use filters to trap dirt and debris in a dirt cup or chamber that can then be emptied.

Link:Bagless vacuum cleaners

Biometric lock
Employ fingerprint/voice/retinal recognition technology to verify your identity before allowing a locked door to be opened.

Link:Biometric lock

The Bloomframe window is an innovative window that morphs magically into a balcony within 55 seconds. It offers the user a flexible living environment.

Link:Bloomframe Window

Cay Sofa 2
The user is the protagonist, and through his or her movement and interaction with the Cay Sofa, alters its shape and sitting angles to accommodate their body accordingly.

Link:Cay Sofa

Grow plants and vegetables easier and with better results.

Link:Click and Grow

Clothes folding machine1
A machine used for folding clothes.

Link:Clothes folding machine

Drumi is a portable washer machine that can work without electricity, you just have to tap the lever with your foot. It can wash up to 2.5kg of laundry in less than 10 minutes. You can take and use it wherever you want; his compacted design makes it fit everywhere. No installation needed!


Eco friendly fertilizers1
Cultivating more healthy and productive plants

Link:Eco friendly fertilizers

Spoon made out of food that can be eaten as well

Link:Edible Spoon

A new domestic appliance that irons your clothes for you

Link:Effie - Ironing Machine

The elephant in a Box is a foldable and portable, luxurious sofa that can be assembled by one person in less than five minutes and disassembled in less than two minutes!

Link:Elephant in a Box

Evapolar is an innovative air cooler. It can spill the temperature around by 4 – 17 °C using just 10 W of power. Evapolar uses a fan to suck in warm stale air, there passes over water-moistened pads and in this way the air becomes cooler. It is an eco-friendly way to cool down spaces using just water.


Mini environment cooler.


Green soap
Green soap using bio-renewable surfactants

Link:Green soap

Conserve food without electricity


Home Automation | Domotic1
Permits the remote control/programming of various apparatuses in order to make them react to external inputs.

Link:Home Automation | Domotic

A recylclable plates made 100% from leaves

Link:Leaf Plates

Liftware is an innovative and smart spoon that stabilizes hands, helping those with hands tremor or limited hand mobility to eat in a new easy way. This spoon adapts to tremors helping the person who is using it to maintain balance and avoiding getting dirty. The Liftware stabilizes in a way that the spoon shakes 70% less than your hand. The Liftware Level’s computerized handle keeps the level of its attachment and steady for those with limited hand or arm mobility and makes eating easier.


Motsenbocker Lift Off
It's a spray that removes graffiti from any surface

Link:Motsenbocker Lift Off

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