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4D-Pixel is a smart wall that physically reacts to your voice, music, and shows 3D letters. This interactive sculpture is a merging of electromagnetics, software and electronics.


Bare Conductive’s Electric Paint
Bare Conductive’s Electric Paint is just like any other water-based paint… except that it conducts electricity! This means that you can paint sensors directly onto most materials.

Link:Bare Conductive’s Electric Paint

FIXD is an innovative small device that tells to the user the exact damage of his car. It will save a ton of cash on unnecessary car repairs. It's very easy to use: plug it into your car's diagnostic port and the device will clearly tell why the red warning light turned on. It only works on cars built since 1996


Kissenger can sense your kiss and transmit realistic kissing sensations to your partner in real time. You can also feel the force on your lips when your partner kisses you back.


LightSail is a project that demonstrates controlled solar crusing inside low Earth orbit the use of a CubeSat. The project consists of spacecraft—LightSail 1 and LightSail 2. LightSail 1 was an engineering demonstration project designed to check its new sail deployment approach in space; it did not carry out solar sailing. LightSail 2 is a fully purposeful spacecraft meant to illustrate true sun sailing and contains the lessons discovered from LightSail 1.


An organic light-emitting diode (OLED or Organic LED) is a light-emanating diode (LED) in which the emissive electroluminescent layer is a film that discharges light because of electric flow. This natural layer is arranged in the middle of two electrodes; slightest, in any event, one of these anodes is clear. OLEDs are worn to make digital displays in TV screens, PC screens, compact frameworks, for example, cell phones, handheld game consoles and PDAs etc. There are two main groups of OLED: those dependent on little particles and those utilising polymers. Adding versatile particles to an OLED makes a light-producing electrochemical cell (LEC) which has a somewhat extraordinary method of activity. An OLED show can be driven with an underlying network (PMOLED) or dynamic lattice (AMOLED) control conspire.

Link: OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode)

Open Source Hardware1
Consists of physical artifacts of technology designed and offered by the open design movement

Link:Open Source Hardware

The Parallella PC is a superior, charge card measured PC dependent on the Epiphany multicore chips from Adapteva. The Parallella can be utilised as an independent PC, an inserted gadget or as a segment in a scaled-out equal server bunch. The Parallella incorporates a low force double centre ARM A9 processor and runs a few of the well known Linux dispersions, including Ubuntu.


The Sapphire Clock
Sapphire Clock produces an extremely pure signal at a microwave frequency of about 10 GHz and allows time measurements with accuracy on the femtosecond scale; performing 10 to 1000 times better than any competing technology.

Link:The Sapphire Clock

Triboelectric generators
Using the triboelectric effect, they can create surprising amounts of electric power by rubbing or touching two different materials together.

Link:Triboelectric generators

The Wireless Charging UV Sanitizer is a device that can sterilise your cell phone while charging it. Highlighting an amazing antibacterial UV light, combined with cutting edge ioniser innovation, it securely wipes out 99.9% of microscopic organisms on your telephone in only 20 minutes.


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