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An educational method to improve students’ ability to conceptualise, understand and use computer-based technology, so that they are better prepared for today’s society.

Link:Computational Thinking

Distance education2
A type of courses that are conducted online for students who may not always be physically present at a school.

Link:Distance Education

Educational robotics
It is an educational method that uses Robots as a means to teach other subjects. It provides a set of experience to facilitate the student's development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes for the design, analysis, application, and operation of robots.

Link:Educational robotics

A warmth, collaboration, highly professionalized, teacher-led encouragement and assessment system, based on equality, to develop everyone’s potential.

Link:Finland School System

Kano made a name for itself with a DIY computer that utilized a custom OS to train kids on how computers work. Now, Kano PC moves that conversation ahead by helping users put together the hardware aspects of a PC, and educating them all about the bits and bytes that make a computer run.


ROYBI is an AI-fueled friend robot for kids 3-7 years of age for instruction and language advancement. His purpose is to enable each kid to learn at their own pace and spotlight on their individual advantages, capacities and quality. Utilizing proof bolstered practice internationally, Roybi communicate with your kid and show them dialects and STEM aptitudes through the best strategy - playing!


Allows to develop computer/phone programs by manipulating visual components

Link:Visual Programming

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